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  1. bloomy

    Im.... i am so happy for you :)

  2. Angus Gwynn

    3:29 ....... okay

  3. Pineapple_Of_Doom

    Lazar: UNLIMITED POWAAAR 2021 Viewers: *Thats what she said-*

  4. Pineapple_Of_Doom

    News for you bro, in 2021 everybody who's interested has already seen the flipping movie

  5. isabella Rodriguez

    React to I'm bored remix.

  6. S0GGY L0L0

    Flamingo made spongebob the killer!

  7. Pineapple_Of_Doom

    Why did Savage Seven of Nine kill me :-:

  8. FroZen Phantomz

    You should do a sky base with chickens

  9. lix_controlla12

    Liked how he said this what u do for a living now he is in a game

  10. Addison DeZess

    That old guy tho......LMAO

  11. Violet Landry

    I love this vid lol

  12. Douglas Ferreira


  13. Carpenter Williams

    Noooo he don’t know what I chucky cheese

  14. Josefgamer17

    "some of you may not understand because you are lonely" yes

  15. J.C. Kk


  16. Ebray

    9:21 LOL

  17. Flare Hyper


  18. Flare Hyper

    can you frind recuest me and ma friend FL4RE_HYPER and wolfepack52039

  19. LandonMemes

    Bro didnt I beat him? He got 4,273 meters I got 5,191 meters do I get a world record thing or something?

  20. Talon Tilley

    the dog is predator

  21. n u t l o r d

    Just imagine getting hard over a 2001 Honda civic

  22. Tristen Uhlenhake

    u became unspeakable

  23. Keithan and mason

    By far the best update in fortnite, Spas and re deploy

  24. Juner Jet Visitacion

    i was playing anime fighting simulator while i was watching this

  25. Jeff_The_Llama

    R.I.P Cute Crab :(

  26. Tristen Uhlenhake

    in australia you say yeet in russuin yeet sais you

  27. zalman malka

    Yo me hear in 2021

  28. Sherri Goode

    I like how he was eating cereal and still making content

  29. Blake Roblox

    I’m astral as well

  30. Kill Switch360

    this should be called Day After Tomorrow Simulator

  31. Marco Denittis


  32. j cly

    don't worry lazar you get a girl in a couple years

  33. Hi Ya

    MONEY 💰 Money money money m

  34. joker Quinn

    Fuck that lady

  35. joker Quinn


  36. adam colorbio

    I guess I'm going to hell

  37. Dezerz yt

    I fell like when turtle lady said the orange one was the best one Lannan liked leonardo mor because the backround of the Australian flag is blue 🇦🇺

  38. Eleven Hopper

    The hungry games with lazarbeam 😂❤️

  39. Tristen Uhlenhake

    how are you alive after this

  40. Snowy

    I have watched this series too many times

  41. Nicole Dyke-Miller

    This is here at vid (itonmybirthday)

  42. Gina Wigoda


  43. Blue Wolf

    After seeing that first clip I have decided not alive edit: the minion one btw

  44. Johnathan Brennis

    Everyone lazarbeam is the best KGupr even though you probably already knew that

  45. CJ Hiatt

    I love how Lazarbeam's only excuse is "I have a skin in the game, you can not defeat me".

  46. Lizzard plays RBLX

    I’m also bored

  47. T34m mr

    If you don’t like what your doing, don’t do it

  48. Tyler Brock

    Also am I the only one who saw that other broken ship that is like at the bottom of the the ocean

  49. Tyler Brock

    POV: ur watching in 2021 because this is the only good thing nowadays

  50. Aidan Burr

    Laserbeam there’s a vault add the bunker

  51. YourlocalArmy BTS

    When the guy said things started getting hazy. Me: Are you on drugs mate?

  52. King Pablo the 1st overlord of the backyard

    play rainbow six siege

  53. Harry the GOAT

    my sith name: dath yrrah

    1. Harry the GOAT


  54. Brenda Randall

    can i have some robux

  55. goku kakorot


  56. Tanya Stafford

    My favorite part is the duct tape man

  57. Thomas Sanchez

    This meme is still possible because I died from a sky base in last peson duo game

  58. TruYoom

    Can you play apex legends fuze is in the game now and he’s an auzzie

  59. Edward02 production

    1:20 just tannar flipping at us

  60. Neil Bonnar


  61. Stuarts Ball

    nice stream snipers

  62. Triff Ov


  63. Blue Wolf

    0:57 is is that lil wilbur soot?

  64. makayla weatherly

    Me: you can become 12 if you're already 12 -points at head-

  65. Hi Ya


  66. Grayson Allen

    Well, he had to watch the videos in the editing so....

  67. iron pick axe

    0:51 sweet home alabama

  68. Shay Vande Lune

    That hand might be the dragon warrior.

  69. Karl aiden Gestiada

    I'm 2021

  70. Jake aucoin

    i did not like rodbolxs but because of you i love i ;)

  71. Bluewill99 Plays

    the guy in VR the guy who said inzel inzel it means get down get down he was speaking arabic

  72. Bluewill99 Plays

    oh, my heart "he just does Fortnite videos"

  73. Bryce Gillott

    Mine is 18


    Miss chapter 1 map before everything they brought in fortnite like animals and monster trucks😭

  75. Bluewill99 Plays

    get down get downnn

  76. Gaming Fast as Fire

    Please no I live in astralia

    1. Gaming Fast as Fire

      Your gonna kill Australia

  77. Bluewill99 Plays

    IM BORED IM BORED theme song

  78. Bluewill99 Plays


  79. Levi smith

    tiktok is slit alive