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    1. LazarBeam

      I got my tattoos into fortnite mission fucking accomplished

      1. Ben Dover


      2. Big bub d

        I laser beam

      3. reAlmZz_ skArgo

        what a aussie legend

      4. reff

        @Controller Beast hi

      5. HELLO THERE

        @D4rkn3ss58 no

    2. Amii Gardiner

      Im waiting for the skin to come out again so yeah

    3. Momento

      That looks like shit ngl

    4. Why Yoohoo


    5. Why Yoohoo


    6. Why Yoohoo


    7. Shon A

      :) cool i love

    8. distorted Craig

      lazar gets a skin ninja,loserfruit,marshmallow,grefe g,lachy,travis scott welcome to the cool kids table

    9. Wazza580


    10. Joey Callahan

      I love all your videos

    11. Aiden Meyrick

      I was hoping his skin is reactive or one of the styles be gingy hoodie or something

    12. GhostBoy Logan

      I love your skin I run it quiet often congrats again also I used code Lazar for your skin when I bought the bundle💓💓💓

    13. Ann Marie Heap

      Everybody use cold lasers in the fortnite item shop and you are a great man keep doing your great videos and just keeping good and also I want everyone to help lazarbeam hit 20 million subscribers

    14. Billy Tidd

      I love when luchlun pops up saying porgers

    15. tigergamer

      The people who disliked don’t deserve watch the lazarbeam channel

    16. Will

      Lannan looks really healthy, I haven't watched in like half a year but when I stopped he was not looking too great but I'm happy to see him looking healthier!

    17. the sacande YT

      Nice skin lazerbeam Really nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    18. MOLTEN Animatronic

      You know they probably made the lasar beam skin just to get sales

    19. pollowastaken

      R.I.P GINGY :’(



    20. FG Zeke

      Legend says, he's still on smoko

    21. Gamer Boii

      I love his fucking skin

    22. Callum Smith

      Melbourne Storm Betsy says tradie


      Frick FUck Lazzzzzzzerrrrrrrr Yeteetettt

    24. Chr1stown

      Actual prosstiite

    25. Zack Playz!

      If you play Friday night funkin I will watch you again

    26. OMO_69_420

      0:44 "thats why i used to sleep in english"

    27. Saucy _

      The skin tho its NOICE

    28. Orrenmc 2

      He should had made a fresh battle bling

    29. Devin Ostrander

      I made my mom and dad to get my your skin I cried for 2h and then I got it

    30. Filip Sobanski

      When the people see LazarBeam in the item shop for the first time: It'S tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE!!!11

    31. Richard Lopez

      RIP gingy

      1. Richard Lopez

        But I got the whole bundle win win

    32. Natalia Klotsche

      I will miss gingy

    33. Stuart Gillies

      Hey LazarBeam can i Add you on FORTNITE. I SOPPRT Your code

    34. ALLCBros

      1 month ago today

    35. LiamGamerTV

      What's the song that he plays when he reveals his skin

      1. Emperor Penguintine


    36. Boof Davey

      This skin is bloody awesome, use code lazar, your the best lannan

    37. Josue Calmo


    38. Tyler Kish

      Great music choice for the preview of the emote

    39. EXL Byro

      is even more prouder than he ever was

    40. Aaron Keen

      Is this March fools day lololololololol

    41. Michael Anthony Murphy

      2:07 its the guy from fortnite

    42. Victor Chavez

      Rip gingy

    43. Molly Bishop

      I love it when lannan and when tanner just fight over nothing

    44. a n

      Noooooooo u b!! Cheapest SMS

    45. MrSniper

      That fucking cool

      1. Tomek low

        How do you not know about the skin?!

      2. Tomek low


    46. sunny fisher

      Wait’s the other brother that he said he would never show.

    47. Pandajames 12

      He definitely deserves it

    48. Manas Kesarla

      does this mean RIP gingy

    49. Media SL - Second Life

      formidable 😜

    50. The Remmy


    51. Alec Is-Sigar


    52. abdulkdoos abdulkdoos


    53. Laura Sakcedo

      Ayo I’m on my moms account rn and your skin came out on my birthday lol

    54. E Rice


    55. Cody Hill

      An Australian construction worker,playing fortnite,making memes. What the actual fuck

    56. peete 420

      Whos Lachlan and that skin looks nothing like you

    57. Yony Hernandez Hernandez

      I dont want be a hayter but you dint'say thegrefg and loserfruit

    58. MarceloU1924 Motta

      It's the guy from fortnite

    59. Kiran Fernando

      Congrats bro you well deserve it.

    60. neon noob YT

      Here’s the lazarbeam he’s true blue

    61. Mackyshark 12

      I bought the emote because that’s what I do all day

    62. Doctor Stoink

      I fucking fucked up my win

    63. Turki. Almulaifi

      Astralin. Is. Burned. By them

    64. Emma yak

      lazar : stop moving tanner : sorry there a spider lol

      1. Penguins Da best

        Man it must be a giant spider to scare a full fledged Australian

    65. RevXngX

      Imagine not being there for premier

    66. Piano Player

      Day Five of asking you to revisit Jurassic World Evolution.

    67. Ghot SSJ

      Skin humilde 😎👍🏿

    68. Jacob Bigelow

      Minecraft series 2

    69. Ladoo Online

      Him: I'm getting a skin Me: What about gingy :(

    70. M.r Creepy

      Mejor que the gref

    71. Ian zarate arevalo

      Esta rechevere la skin 😎👌

    72. SoaR Leo

      You have the best icon skin

    73. Ashton Bullock

      gg on getting your own skin

      1. soiung toiue

        i love your skin

    74. LLB WATRZ

      An Australian Construction worker 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. soiung toiue

        1.5 speed lit

    75. Zepex

      Im on Smoko so leave me alone

    76. _Cαƚ UɯU_

      Kk 💩💩

    77. L1nx

      Loserfruit sucks

    78. Kevin Ramirez

      Alta skin, re humilde 🙏

    79. ceerw buty

      "I used to work in the dirt, now I build in Fortnite"

    80. E14 CRACKH3AD


    81. BTS Wtf

      is the skin still available to buy?

      1. ceerw buty

        This should get more views

    82. Breys Lander Urbano Torres


    83. Tihana Martini

      Your skin is amazing lazer

    84. Just Noah

      Why is there a live chat

    85. soiung toiue

      I love how this highlights his origin point

      1. soiung toiue

        OK BUT- you can can’t tell my that skin isn’t seggsy 😃

    86. Xbye

      this makes me want to subscribe 1000000000000000000000 times now

    87. Tater Totts


    88. Tombstone

      Definitely getting that ive watching you ever since season 4-5

      1. Hyphx

        You joined 3 months ago mate

    89. Olanrewaju Ramadhan

      1.5 speed lit

    90. Ashley Barone

      i love your skin

    91. Jesus 1404

      Re humilde la skin, alta facha

    92. jonatan negrete fierros

      i love your skin bro, couse i work in the construction

    93. Dyllan Marquez

      Does the goes like im on photo or smoko

    94. Ask to seduce Miss

      The Bloody Legend is back to his roots of construction!! As a fan since 2015 this brings back all the good memories of OG Lannan

    95. IsaacDraws

      This should get more views

    96. Matteo Del Sorbo

      Oh look, it’s the guy from fortnite!

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Other icon series: dope ass powers/styles Lazarbeam: I'm Bob the builder

    97. SCWF Sales


    98. aisha :3


    99. 8redo

      we must get lazarbeam to play apex again because the new legends is a crazy aussie that goes boom boom! copy this to spread awareness!

    100. Agent FueMars

      Now, we are waiting for the fresh icon series skin

      1. Wyatt Sherman