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    1. Jad Plays

      Your got me dieing

    2. Brian_The_Brave

      Hey! I got an idea, how about play Apex Legends again!

    3. C Fernandez

      I ❤️🎮

    4. Kaleb Zastawnik

      i remember the good old lannan, the one who would play with knives and hammers playing random shitty games, demonetized lazarbeam was better, you have been downgraded

    5. dina Shagrin

      Hi I’m 8 years old my brothers dream is to meet you we are in sydney

    6. Randy Moralesmartinez

      Like the video

    7. Ben Eacott

      W E A R E B O R E D

    8. Brothers Gaming

      Baby cries gets money happy everyone cries gets money still crying

      1. Katie Jacobs

        Really y'all know him? I even thought I'm the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

      2. China in Focus - NTD


      3. China in Focus - NTD

        His Availability is on WhatsApp

      4. China in Focus - NTD

        Its very unfortunate some crypto traders fall victims of fraud sites, i wasn't so sure about Mr Philip at first, but now he has proven he is the most reliable when it comes to crypto trade, thank you Mr Philip Hudson

    9. The Fartinator


    10. kylie hill

      its says i can clip lol :)

    11. Pickle Mom

      2:06 Minecraft Villager trades be lik

    12. FreshBoiPaul

      Do another meme olympics

    13. Tony Stark

      Welcome Back To 'I Am Bored With Lazar Beam' never gets old lol👍

    14. Yeat Fivetwos

      I will eat taco beam

    15. king cool

      Can u make granada free fire vids, trust me it might be better than fortnite

    16. polar bear

      do happy wheels again

    17. yasser alswalim

      his close to 20 mil

    18. The Sports

      the guy that was getting lazerbeam subs is a unit

    19. Armando Guzman

      3:00 this haunts me

    20. Heather Bailey

      Lazar beam I broke fortnite buy taking a car I creative and making kevin the cube dis appear

    21. great funtime

      Somebody gets a broken bone lazarbeam: hes fine

    22. Fake Jadey


    23. Jake Vinalay

      Upload more Minecraft

    24. Jaylin Gray

      I am bored

    25. KingzRB

      Not 10 minutes...I'm disappointed in you @Lazarbeam

    26. Josefgamer17

      "some of you may not understand because you are lonely" yes

    27. Flare Hyper


    28. Flare Hyper

      can you frind recuest me and ma friend FL4RE_HYPER and wolfepack52039

    29. T34m mr

      If you don’t like what your doing, don’t do it

    30. Aidan Burr

      Laserbeam there’s a vault add the bunker

    31. King Pablo the 1st overlord of the backyard

      play rainbow six siege

    32. TruYoom

      Can you play apex legends fuze is in the game now and he’s an auzzie

    33. iron pick axe

      0:51 sweet home alabama

    34. Shay Vande Lune

      That hand might be the dragon warrior.

    35. Bluewill99 Plays

      the guy in VR the guy who said inzel inzel it means get down get down he was speaking arabic

    36. Bluewill99 Plays

      oh, my heart "he just does Fortnite videos"

    37. Bluewill99 Plays

      get down get downnn

    38. Bluewill99 Plays

      IM BORED IM BORED theme song

    39. Bluewill99 Plays


    40. Luckily Productions

      3:52 does anyone know what that song is called?

    41. Joshallan21 Plays Fortnite

      Love how he has a Boston Celtics shirt on but he lives in Australia

    42. TV DanDutt200

      Sorry to say lazarbeam but why does your sister have a bald head I am not trying to be rude 2:45

    43. CJ Trusty

      I give ya like ... 2 bread

    44. Obdulia Jarquin

      Haha gay haaaa

    45. Jeff Reckart

      there has been 2 updates a new gun do more fortnite

    46. Chris god gaming 0910

      2:25 🔥 🔥

    47. Galaxy

      Do a hardcore minecraft series

    48. Jeff Reckart

      give more dame fortnite or minecraft

    49. Nick's adventures

      Aye this video was uploaded on my bday from my fav youtuber

    50. Blake’os Gaming

      4:57 looks like a mushroom


      You need to tattoo your Chanel’s bar code on you

    52. CTC0411

      lazarbeam , how do you use the song "covering fire" by truvio? i cant find it without background sounds . also the song was deleted by truvio so how can you still use it?

    53. YEET!


    54. Abigail Drover


    55. Abigail Drover


    56. john3boii

      Waking up in the morning 🔥🔥🔥🔥 4:31

    57. Andrew Dabouse

      who else cringes when he grabs his mic

    58. SBG_FLIX

      im am bord are you ready for some tiktoks bord bord deflect the bordnees

    59. M.A.

      “Shhiiiii I’ll give you like 2 bread” Lol

    60. death of reaper dog

      lazer beam the bit were the person who wanted u subscribers I wish I done that :)

    61. Itsparker13

      Play GTA

    62. Aislix

      you guys need to see 6:12

    63. Wyatt Lindswy


    64. Gayshrimp27_ yt


    65. Darth Vader

      He jumped becuase his freinds told him so

    66. iLikeCatPop And Hello

      5:48 my parents lied to me:(

    67. Dontaee Gallier

      use code lazar in fortnite

    68. francisco dubon

      Can you make update days like the old days

    69. David Houghton

      1:48 best song ever

    70. bro gaming

      The I'm bored song was stolen from endigo

    71. Nancy Nyaoke


    72. Tepos x Antyko the noob calab lol

      4:54 I felt the pain

    73. mah brodas

      whys is ur sister bald. i havent been on youtube in quite some time

    74. Ben Clemson

      When it went grey that was his soul

    75. Muaz Mechboff

      i love the i'm bored song so much and the emerald meme 😂

    76. Jessica Peters Doran

      you should make the i am bored song your theme song for when you make i am bored with lazarbeam. i love your vids bruh. YEET!

    77. Might Mo

      the last one its an arabic video omg😮🔥🔥🔥 lits goooo

    78. FBI Lyndin

      bruh upload more man you make my day

    79. Awwan Melgrowich

      I AM BORED

    80. Adrianne Sanchez

      Lazarbeam can you play 1v1 lol

    81. Jules Astell

      From the asulat

    82. Jules Astell

      Are you alright

    83. sahildeep the gamer

      LazarBeam bring back the olympics in fortnite please

    84. Gamer Boi

      Boston Celtics all the way man!

    85. moem chan

      We miss u, pls upload more💕🥺

    86. Mjdn

      Lazer do random crap Friday

    87. Dler Omar


    88. Bass UK


    89. SpooonzRL

      Serious question when you play fortnite are you even having fun anymore ause every stream you do with lachlan and fresh you and lachlan are just cussing and getting mad and always seem to find something bad and talk shit about players same with muselk

    90. Eject 2.7

      I don't know if Tanner put a filter or actually went bald

    91. Leobra1 highlights


    92. fe4r

      I'm board I'm board

    93. fire plays games LV

      I want to be a watermelon one day just like me friend LazarBeam Yes mark

    94. GGGAMER08clipz

      Meme olympics just round the corner 😁 I’m excited mr beam

    95. not joey

      Play apex

    96. kealey dalton

      dorymai acimai dorymai

    97. Zac Marvin

      Hi lazar just wanna say hi I subbed and I have noties on just wanna say keep up the good work love your vids bye

    98. Katie Britz

      i love the song so much

    99. Erin Johns

      for a challenge in fortnite get all the MPC's and win a game

    100. Why Yoohoo